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About Us


Mr. Norman Rabenstein founded Allied Extruders in 1969.  Mr. Rabenstein had the vision 
to successfully grow Allied into the industry leader that it has become today.  His vision was
to provide uncompromising service with consistent quality and constant integrity
At Allied we are still working as hard as we did in 1969 to give our customers the best
service and quality possible.  Our customer service & integrity are renovated in the industry
as we deal with each customer as if they were our only customer.  It is this philosophy that
has kept our customers with us throughout the years.

Here is just a little about us:
Our capabilities for Sheeting - SWS are very broad as we have close to 20 blown film
extrusion lines running 24 hours a day, with an annual capacity of > 50 million pounds.

  • Size capability: 6" to 104"
  • Gauge capability: 0.006 to 6 mil.  Treatment capability of 36 to 44 dynes.
  • Roll OD: 8" to 36"
  • Capability to match any color
Additionally, we produce a wide array of tubing, lip tubing, centerfolds & gusseted
& use various resins to accommodate our customer's requirements for strength, seal ability, and clarity.
Our Garment bag department consists of 8 lines, which
gives us an annual capacity of greater than 10 million pounds.
Our garment bags run from 15" bag to a 24" x 4" gusset with
a gauge capability of 0.00035 to 2 mil.
We also carry an extensive inventory of polypropylene to 
further provide our customers with their every need.  With 
a large warehousing facility of over 90,000 sq. feet, we are
able to stock material for our customers when needed.

At Allied Extruders we strive to provide our customers the service they require and deserve.  For this reason we use only the
highest quality resins, which ensure the quality of our products.
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